The Child Artist: Initial Tape Art

February 9, 2017


Last week we showed you some tape art projects. This week is another tape art craft, but specifically initial art. So, the ‘G’ is for my son Gibson. We’ll be hanging this piece in his room. It’s fun to personalize your artwork, especially for LO’s!

What You Will Need:

So, first thing is first. You’ll want to tape off your choice letter(s) on your canvas. You can choose whatever size canvas you’d like, make your letter as big or as small as you want and also choose what width size you would like your tape to be. I would recommend using either painter’s tape or masking tape. Both peel off very easily when finished painting.  As you can see in the picture above, our paint did run underneath our taped-off area. Lucky for me, I’m not a perfectionist and this does not bother me. You might be though and maybe this drives you nuts! If so, you’ll probably want to purchase some gesso and apply that to the edges of your taped area so the paint doesn’t run underneath.


We used a wider painter’s tape for our letter ‘G’. I believe it is about 2 inches in width. You may want to purchase a couple of different widths of tape to add some variety to your letter. I wanted to make one part of the ‘G’ a smaller width than the rest and opted to use an Exacto knife (or box cutter) on the tape cutting it down to a width of 1 inch, before applying it to the canvas. For the other pieces of tape I simply used scissors to cut them to the length desired.


We again are using washable Crayola paints. Add whatever variety of colors your child would like to paint with on a paper plate, some water in a cup, a variety of paintbrushes (we have flat and round) and some paper towel to dab your brush on and let your little artist get to work! The one color I would probably say don’t waste your time purchasing for a 2-year-old is….brown. I bought brown and honestly, I’m not sure why. My child is great at creating brown on his own by smearing all of the colors together. ;0)


Working on making some brown paint ;O)



So, once your child is finished painting around the taped area just let the canvas dry out for a bit until the paint on the canvas isn’t visibly wet. 



Once the paint is dried, peel the tape off and voila! You now have a personalized new piece of inexpensive art for your LO’s room.


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Erin @ All Things Mommy