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February 13, 2017


Hello, my friends! I’m so excited that I’ve given Stitch Fix another go. The printed tank top and feather necklace shown in the photo were both finds from my Stitch Fix deliveries. If you haven’t tried SF out yet, do it. The more you fine-tune your likes and dislikes w/your stylist the better your customized package becomes. There’s something to be said for having a package delivered to your doorstep that you know is for you, but you have no idea what is inside! The surprise factor is so exciting!

This super long cardigan is a find from Old Navy that you can find here. These legging skimmer jeans are my FAVORITE! I wear them literally almost every single day. So comfy and guess what? They are on big time sale at the Gap. Snag yourself a pair here!


I don’t know how well-known Vici is, but I’ve found quite a few items I’m loving from their online boutique, including the shoes I have on. You can find a similar version here.


Soon I’ll be sharing some cute vacation finds I’ve been gathering for our upcoming family vacation. Stay tuned if you are on the hunt for warm weather wear.


Happy Monday, friends! Enjoy your day!





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