Surprise, Baby!

May 9, 2017

18274730_10101827784851707_8300962426621749097_nIs it really possible that I finally feel like I have my sh*t the most together since having my first child in 2014 as I’m just entering my third (surprise) pregnancy? It seems a bit laughable, but it’s honest.

Basically, my whole first year of motherhood I felt like a fumbling disaster. Can I get a show of hands? I sure hope I’m not the only one! I was also completely terrible at hiding it. If I was flustered, it was very apparent!

With our second child motherhood felt much more natural for me and I would assume it is only because I finally had some experience under my belt. Oh, wait. That and the fact that our second child is significantly more mellow than our first. BUT, I guarantee if our second child had been our first I probably still would’ve been a fumbling disaster. 

And here we are now preparing for our third child this winter. This baby was a surprise! Which honestly it shouldn’t have been. We weren’t trying but we weren’t trying to prevent it, either. So this is God’s plan and we are (after the initial shock) so very excited to welcome another addition to our family! I really am feeling a peaceful wholeness in my life with the news of this new baby. Do you know what I mean? Like a “right place at the right time” kind of feeling? Like you just experienced deja-vu? I’m not a very religious person, but I’m appreciative of whoever is writing our story. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better life.

Back to my initial thought though. Having your sh*t together in motherhood. My moms out there who have it together, please share your secrets. My moms out there who don’t, bond with me! What’s been the most challenging aspect of motherhood for you?



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