The Child Artist: Taped Canvas Art Edition

February 2, 2017


What you will need:


Paint brushes (we used flat and round)

Washable Paint

Painter’s Tape/Masking Tape (whichever width size(s) you prefer)

Sponge Brushes (optional)

Gesso (optional)

As you can see in the photo, we lined the two canvases up next to each other and applied the tape. You can either cut the tape (with scissors or a boxcutter) or (if you are like me) you can just rip the tape after you have it lined up!  Then, let your little artist paint to their heart’s content. Even if that means face painting…as long as you have washable, non-toxic paint. :)
The optional supply, Gesso, is used to fill in along the edges of the tape so paint doesn’t slip underneath. We did not use any on this project and we had no problems. I did, however, do a project right after this and the paint did sneak underneath the tape. So, it’s definitely your choice! If you opt to not use Gesso you may want to be sure to run your finger firmly over all edges of the tape to be sure it’s stuck onto the canvas fully. If you are going to use Gesso I would recommend purchasing some sponge brushes to apply it.
A very fun art craft for young children! My son Gibson is almost 2 and a half years old and he really enjoyed it. We used both round and flat brushes, hands, fingers….water, paper towel…we threw it all out there! I did fill in the white spots for my son when he was “over” painting.
Let the paint dry for a short bit (no more wet spots), remove tape, and voila!
Taped Canvas Art
Gibson’s finished masterpiece for his bedroom!


I hope you and your little one get a chance to enjoy this DIY craft together. It really is a lot of fun and not a hard one to accomplish. Minimal supplies needed, minimal time needed and beautiful outcome.



Erin @ All Things Mommy

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